War and Japan

About Shigeru Mizuki (artist)
Born in the coastal town of Sakaiminato, Mizuki was originally named Shigeru Mura (武良 茂 Mura Shigeru), the second of three sons. Described as a drifting, curious child, his earliest pursuits included copious amounts of drawing and hearing ghost stories from a local woman he nicknamed “Nononba”. [1].

However, in 1942 he was drafted into the Imperial Japanese Army and sent to New Britain Island in Papua New Guinea. His wartime experiences affected him greatly, as he contracted malaria, watched friends die from battle wounds and disease, and dealt with other horrors of war. Finally, in an Allied air raid, he was caught in an explosion and lost his left arm. As a southpaw, after the war he taught himself to write and draw with his right hand. While a prisoner of war on Rabaul, he was befriended by the local Tolai tribespeople, who offered him land, a home, and citizenship via marriage to one of the local women. Mizuki acknowledged he considered remaining behind, but was shamed by a military doctor into returning home to Japan first to face his parents, which he did reluctantly.[2]

Upon arriving home, Mizuki had initially planned to return to New Guinea; however, the Occupation of Japan changed that. His injuries and loss of his writing arm did little to help, nor did the fact that his older brother, an artillery officer, was convicted as a war criminal for having prisoners of war executed. From his return until 1956 he worked as a movie theater operator until his break as a cartoonist.

In 1957, Mizuki released his debut work, Rocketman. Since then, he has published numerous works, both on yokai and military works. He has also written many books on both subjects, including an autobiography about his time on New Britain Island and a manga biography on Adolf Hitler. When not working in either field, he paints a number of subjects, though these works are not as well known as his literary ones which have made him a household name.

In 2003, he returned to Rabaul to rekindle his friendship with the natives, who had named a road after him in his honor.

The 10 Biggest Chapter 11 Bankruptcies In US History

10. United Airlines
Assets: $25.2 billion
Date Filed: Dec. 9, 2002

9. Pacific Gas and Electric
Assets: $29.8 billion
Date Filed: April 6, 2001

8. Global Crossing
Assets: $30.2 billion
Date Filed: Jan. 28, 2002

7. Refco
Assets: $33.3 billion
Date Filed: Oct. 17, 2005

6. Financial Corp. of America
Assets: $33.9 billion
Date Filed: Sept. 9, 1988

5. Texaco
Assets: $35.9 billion
Date Filed: April 12, 1987

4. Conseco
Assets: $61.4 billion
Date Filed: Dec. 18, 2002

3. Enron
Assets: $63.4 billion
Date Filed: Dec. 2, 2001

2. Worldcom
Assets: $103.9 billion
Date Filed: July 21, 2002

1. Lehman Brothers
Pre-Bankruptcy Assets: $639 billion
Date Filed: Sept. 15, 2008

Source [CNBC]

top 15 Ad?

1.Apple “1984”

2.Carlton Draught “Big Ad”

3. Coca Cola “Happiness Factory”

4.Monster.com “When I Grow Up”

5.Original “Got Milk?”

6. Dove “Evolution”

7. IBM “Prodigy” Linux

8. Ikea “Lamp”

9. BMW “Beat the Devil”

10. VW “Pink Moon”

11.Honda “Cog”

12. Apple “Think Different”

13.Sony Bravia “Bouncing Balls” Ad

14. Nike “The Magnet”

15. Mr. Wind