Judge Minty

Judge Minty is a 27 minute short film based on a minor character from the 2000AD strip, Judge Dredd.The retired Judge who would rather die in a blaze of justice than retire

City of Scars

Filmmaker Aaron Schoenke spend $27,000 to make a Batman fan film and his City of Scars does look impressive; it’s moody and evocative, with great locations and a star that looks like Jon Hamm’s thicker older brother.

When the Joker escapes from Arkham and murders the parents of a young boy, Batman recalls the pain of losing his own parents as a child. He is pushed past his limits to the point where his focus becomes revenge on all who stand in his way, including many of Gotham’s underworld. Finally, Batman is forced to look at the psychological profile of his own mind and accept the consequences of his life to find resolve.

Prey Alone short action movie

Section 8 takes place in a prison orbiting 50 miles above the Earth, which houses 500 of the world’s most dangerous criminals. Not only are these wrongdoers kept in orbit, they’re also kept asleep by sophisticated technology – until they suddenly all wake up. The movie is co-written by Besson and directors Stephen St. Leger and James Mather. Says Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, founder and partner in production company EuropaCorp: