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Young Japanese Can’t Speak Japanese

Most young people take the meaning of certain old-style expressions in Japanese in the opposite way from their original meaning, a government study has found. A poll by the Agency for Cultural Affairs revealed that 70 percent of those between their 10s and 30s think the meaning of the Japanese expression “nitsumaru” (煮詰まる) is “to fall into an inconclusive situation.” In fact, the expression means “to get closer to conclusion after discussion.” In contrast, over 70 percent of those over 50 gave the correct meaning. As for the expression, “geki wo tobasu,” (檄を飛ばす ) 70 to 80 percent of each generation gave a different meaning from the original. In fact, the expression means to “issue a manifesto”…However, when it came to the meaning of “buzen,” (憮然) which means “to be in despair and unable to do anything,” 36.3 percent of teens gave the correct meaning, while the figure dropped to 15.3 percent for those over 60…Those who find that Japanese people today use their language in an incorrect manner dropped to 79.5 percent, compared to 80.4 percent in a similar survey conducted in fiscal 2002. Among those who think the opposite, 39.1 percent said, “Words change with the times,” an increase from 30.1 percent in fiscal 2002…The survey also asked about 60 terms of foreign origin that are often used in documents in government ministries and agencies…60.9 percent said they have heard of the term “assessment,” but only 27.2 percent said they actually know the meaning of the word. As to “innovation,” 60.8 percent said they have heard the term, but only 23.9 percent actually knew its meaning…more…

Japanese telco institutes upload caps… of 30GB… daily

Bandwidth caps are coming to Japan, but not in the way to which North Americans are accustomed. OCN, operated by NTT Communications, has decided to impose a daily upload limit beginning on August 1. The limit? 30GB per day. Upstream.

According to the company, the limit is being implemented to address a “small number” of users who apparently upload far more than that on a day-to-day basis by running servers for file-sharing. Customers will get a warning upon first violation, NTT spokesperson Tei Gordon told IDG News Service today, but could be disconnected for repeat offenses.

[source Ars Technica]

Awesomely Fat Cat Overtakes Japanese TV


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World’s most complex origami

The red dragon, made from a 1.2 x 1.2 meter sheet, took only 6 hours to fold. The yellow hornet was commissioned by luxury retailer Hermes and was put on display in their New York store. The white dragon is fashioned from a 2 x 2 meter sheet of paper. “As far as I know, it is the most complex origami in the world,” says Kamiya in the video.

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Sushi – The Japanese Tradition


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35 years of Shinjuku, Tokyo

Tokyo Skyline

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Secret underground warehouse in Tokyo

In this video, a camera crew follows a city official to a trapdoor hidden in a Tokyo sidewalk, which opens to a narrow stairway leading to a giant underground warehouse stocked with emergency supplies.

Located 20 meters (65 ft) underground, the 1,480 square meter (16,000 sq ft) space contains emergency supplies to be distributed to the public in the event of a major earthquake. Items include 5,000 blankets, 8,000 rugs, 4,000 candles, 300 cooking pots, 200 t-shirts, and emergency medical supplies. A conveyor belt system is installed to help transport the supplies up to street level.

The underground warehouse is connected to an unnamed station on the Oedo line, Tokyo’s deepest subway. Apparently, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government maintains more than one of these warehouses, but the locations are kept secret.