4 hours

Last year on March 15 the platforms for the Toyoko Line at Shibuya Station moved from the second floor to the fifth floor basement, ending the 85-year history of above-ground operations. The event drew large crowds of train aficionados and their cameras who gathered in hordes to bid farewell to the very last train.

The train tracks had to be shifted several feet down to accommodate the new underground line. And 1200 workers were standing by waiting, in a massive coordinated effort, to relocate the entire span of train tracks before the 1st train would roll in at 5:00 AM. They had just 4 hours.

asteroid hitting Earth

The massive asteroid — larger than Japan’s main island of Honshu — is traveling at a speed of over 720,000 kilometers per hour (450,000 mph) when it crashes into the Pacific about 1,500 kilometers (1,000 mi) south of Japan. The impact causes the crust of the Earth to peel away like the skin of an orange, in what is called a “crust tsunami.” Japan and a large portion of Asia are disintegrated, and chunks of burning rock as large as city blocks are hurled into the atmosphere before raining back down on the planet.